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Are you curious about Hawkit and how it operates? Do you want to know how to register, the registration fee, how to login, and what actions to take on I can provide you with all the information you need about, including how to carry out tasks, gain followers, and promote your social media accounts.

What is is an online e-commerce and social finance platform that allow users to either sell, advertise their products and social media accounts or even perform social media tasks to earn money. Hawkit was launched on the 1st of June 2020 and has attracted over 500K monthly users, the platform is also registered and recognized by the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission CAC.

How does work?

Hawkit is an online platform where Nigerians can perform a variety tasks such as selling products, advertising their social media accounts, VTU merchants, sell products for people and earn affiliate commissions or even earning money by completing simple social media tasks such as following pages or subscribing to YouTube channels.

Hawkit simply connect both social media advertisers and earners in a simple way, for example you might be looking to gain more followers on your social media page, all you just have to do is to pay for the actual number of followers you want, Hawkit will then upload your page as a task for earners to perform, each time an earned perform follow your page they earn commission for doing so.

This platform also offers users referral program which allows old users to earn commission by referring new ones.

Is legit or a scam?

Without any doubt, is a legitimate platform which allows users to benefit either by advertising, sell products or even performing tasks. The platform was launched 2020 and has built strong trust among Nigeria individuals.

How to perform tasks and earn money from

Hawkit has various tasks that users can choose to perform and make money, infact you can make up to ₦2,000 daily by completing tasks on the platform. You have to know that what you earn from one task might be different from the other depending on the task difficulty.

Here are some popular and regular available tasks you can perform and earn money.

Post Instagram, Facebook, X (f.k.a Twitter), TikTok advert on your social media.

Social media advert is the highest paying task at Hawkit platform which you earn ₦100 per task.

Social media advert involves posting advert for people on your social media pages either Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or X depending on which task that’s available. All you have to do is to copy the task link and image and post on the required social media account.

To be eligible for this tasks you must have a minimum of 1000 followers on your social media accounts.

Review Apps on Apple Store

With Hawkit, iOS users can easily earn money by reviewing Apps uploaded at the Apple Store. This is clearly the highest paying (engagement) task at the platform which you earn ₦60.

To complete this task you might be required to download the app from Apple Store then rate the app and leave a review.

Review and Download Apps on Playstore

This is another well paying task at the platform, you earn money each time you download, rate, leave positive review for the uploader at Google Playstore.

With Playstore tasks you earn ₦30 for every successful tasks completed meaning that if you do 20 tasks on Playstore you earn ₦600.

YouTube Subscriptions & Views

You can also make money on Hawkit through subscribing to a YouTube channels or by watching YT videos.

This is another well and easy paying task at Hawkit. You earn ₦30 each time you subscribe to someone’s channels or by watching a video for few minutes.

WhatsApp Status Advert

Another way to make money with Hawkit is through posting advert on your WhatsApp Status.

With Hawkit you earn ₦20 per advert posted on your status, and you can post as much as available.

Social media Follow/Like

With Hawkit, you also earn money each time you like or follow social media pages. This is the most common task at the platform.

You earn ₦3 for each like or follow completed, meaning that if you’re able to follow 300 pages daily then you earn ₦900.

Social media posts engagement

You also earn money each time you like, share or comment on social media posts.

For each successful task completed, Hawkit pays you ₦3.

Non of this task is mandatory for users, you perform the ones that are more convenient for you. You can choose to cancel the task that you no longer wish to perform.

Hawkit referral program

Hawkit also offers referral program which allow users to refer new ones at their platform and earn an instant commission of ₦500. To get your unique referral link;

  • Click on your profile icon
  • Scroll down to My Referral Link
  • Copy and share with friends
  • Friends can also use your username as their referral while signing up.

Others ways to earn with

Selling Merchandise

You can make money from Hawkit by selling products. A lot of people serves as vendors at Hawkit and make a lot of daily while selling products such as clothing, gadgets or home appliances.

If you have a shop or wish to start dropshipping business then you can consider Hawkit as a point of start-up.

Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer, Hawkit is a platform that you should consider. Maybe you have a good fanbase, either on your social media accounts, Telegram or Whatsapp group then you can also make money by promoting goods for people.

As an affiliate marketer, you can make up to 40% commission for each product sold through your link.

Become a VTU Vendor

As a Virtual Top-Up (VTU) vendor, you can sell airtime and mobile data to Hawkit users and make money without having to perform tasks.

This is another cool way to make money with the platform, the fact that the platform has over 500K active users every month should tell you how lucrative VTU business might be for you if you always come online. Login/Registration

Creating Hawkit account is very simple and can be completed within few minutes. Here are steps to create an account with Hawkit ng.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Click on create an account
  3. Fill in the field with the required details
  4. Input your referral code (“Ugonwenu”)
  5. Click on create account.

Hawkit ng account login only require your username and password. account activation

After you might have successfully created your Hawkit account, before you can be able to carry out any activity, you need to first activate your account with ₦1,000.

It is called A one-time membership fee and it can be paid once in a lifetime. Once you become a Hawkit one-time member, you can now be able to perform tasks.

NOTE: In order to become a merchant or an advertiser, additional charges other than the one-time membership fee may be required.

FAQs on

What is the minimum Hawkit withdrawal?

₦100, once you reach the minimum threshold which is ₦100 you can then issue for withdrawal.

Can I perform tasks without account activation?

No, before you can perform tasks with your Hawkit account, you need to activate your account first.

When was launched?

Hawkit was launched on 1st June 2020 and was Incorporated by the CAC on the 22nd of June 2020.

What is Hawkit withdrawal charges?

For every issued withdrawal, Hawkit will deduct ₦11 from your wallet as the withdrawal charges.

How long does it take to receive my Hawkit withdrawal?

It might take 24 hours or less to receive your Hawkit payment. However, it is important you know that Hawkit doesn’t issue payment during weekends so if you issue a withdrawal on Fridays, expect it to be disbursed on Monday.

Can I use outside Nigeria?

Only Nigerian residents are eligible to use Hawkit at the moment, both the registration, earning, and withdrawal structure are based in Nigerian currency.

How can I contact Hawkit customer care?

The two most common ways to contact Hawkit customer care is either by phone or email.

Phone number: 234 815 298 7684

Email address:


  • You can make up to ₦2,000 daily from Hawkit.
  • There is no limit to the number of tasks you perform daily, meaning that you perform as much as available that you can.
  • You can choose to cancel tasks you no longer wish to perform.
  • You only pay ₦11 for any amount you wish to withdraw
  • You can perform tasks from anywhere of your choice


  • Poor page loading speed, you might get frustrated due to how the website loads most of the time
  • Unavailability of tasks especially on weekends Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Delay in task approvals – it takes an average of 5 days to get tasks approved but may surpass in some cases.


Hawkit is a great platform in whatever aspect you choose to use it for, be it task performance, buying social media followers, selling Merchandise, or VTU vendors. I can tell you that this platform launched over 3 years ago has gathered a lot of possible reviews among Nigeria indigenes which makes them trustworthy.

If you’re looking for reliable online side hustle then you can give Hawkit a try with just ₦1,000. If you have any additional questions then drop them at the comment section and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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